Arjun Reddy Telugu Movie Review

Arjun Reddy Review

After creating huge hype, the makers of Arjun Reddy are finally ready to witness the response from the audiences. From the beginning, the film is said to be a bold one with a matured content and living up to the same expectations, the film starts off with a scene that no one would have ever expected. Keeping it aside, the film Arjun Reddy has so many scenes that will blow off our minds.

arjun reddy review

The film Arjun Reddy is purely and completely the story of a person named ARJUN REDDY. The film deals with who Arjun Reddy is and what happens when he brings down his anger management levels to Zero. The film also tells us the love tale of Arjun Reddy and his life when he encounters a breakup. The life after a Break Up for a well-educated and matured Arjun Reddy is what the film stresses on. The movie’s duration is 186 minutes and every minute is about ARJUN REDDY.

Some movies tell stories and some movies project lives. Arjun Reddy is one such film which takes us into the life of an unknown person and connects us to it in the best possible way. In that manner, Arjun Reddy is certainly an addiction for many people. There is no story in particular but as already mentioned, the film is the life of Arjun Reddy and everything that happens in his life forms the story. In simple words, Arjun Reddy has a routine love story that we may have come across in the past either in reel life or real life, but the way of expression is completely bold and different in the film.

Arjun Reddy film is about staying far away from the routine and regular cinematic feelings and expressions. The film has its own flavor in an original manner. Some simple expressions which we are bored of watching are presented in a completely new way in this movie. The film is also a package of certain things we hate to talk about or we hate to express. Arjun Reddy does everything of that and that is more fun to watch. The film’s strength is in its execution. The director Sandeep Reddy breaks all the barriers to come out with a product that is strong, bold, effective and intriguing.

Performances wise, Vijay Devarakonda is outstanding. With the film Arjun Reddy, Vijay Devarakonda proved that he is a kick-ass performer who is much ahead of his contemporaries. Vijay also proved the fact that he can carry a film to the success path with his performance and screen presence. Vijay is sure to expand his market with the film and is showing some strong proofs that he is the star hero in making. Shalini is the newcomer who made her debut with the film. She worked hard before the shoot started and all her homework paid off well. She performed brilliantly and her own dubbing added strength to the character very well. The film also introduced another brilliant performer to us in the form of Rahul Ramakrishna. We have seen him in Sainma short film and few other movies too but his performance will surely be one of the best ones in the recent times. Hopefully, he gets more and more good roles. Veteran actress Kanchana played a very good role in the film. The way she carried herself on the screen will instantly lead to us connecting with her. She is very natural in performing and her screen presence is amazing. Wish she does more roles like the same in the coming days. Sanjay Swaroop and Kamal Kamaraju also got good roles in the film. Both of them gave good support to the lead actors. All those who played Vijay’s friends are good and impressive. The selection of the actors is perfect and it is one of the reasons for the film gaining some freshness.

Technically too, the movie is good. The film unit showed the film nicely in all the locations. The camera work is good. The production design is neat. All the locations that the makers shot in gave a different feel for the film. The music is good but not all the songs are hummable and instant addictions. The background score is perfect. The production values are grand. The duration of the film is three hours and it might not go well with everyone as some may definitely feel it to be slow and boring but some may surely feel that some stories and some emotions can be presented in such a way that the duration would not matter at all.

The first half of the film is bold as everyone expected to be. But when it comes to the second half, there will be a complete change. The second half is completely not the way it was projected. There is a lot of emotional content in the second half of the film which is like a slow poison. The first half deals with the happy and love life of Arjun Reddy while the second half of the film is about the changed and post-breakup life of Arjun Reddy. There is a proper balance between the both which is a thing to be appreciated. The writing is good. The dialogues are very nice. The Telangana accent was maintained properly and there is a lot of good humour in the movie which is natural and healthy. The climax looks forced for a bold story like this and it could have been better.

On a whole, the film Arjun Reddy is a BOLD Love story TOLD in a realistic way with natural and effective performances from all the actors. Vijay Devarakonda proved that he can pull off a film on his shoulders with Arjun Reddy and that is a welcoming move in the industry from a young hero. The film is definitely worth “A” watch.

Arjun Reddy Rating : 3.25/5