What Celebrities are Saying About Pelli Choopulu Movie ?

Pelli Choopulu is getting great positive buzz before its release. It’s a great sign for any movie but things like these will happen very rare. If it is the case of a small movie there is no chance at all. Brilliant producers Raj Kandukuri, Yash Rangineni screened the film to some of the industry people, media , family and friends almost a week before its release.

Almost a dozen shows were screened in Hyderabad and a special show screened in Capital Cinemas Hyderabad. It’s a very risky move for any producer because these shows decides the fate of the movie and if the talk is bad it will affect the movie very badly. The confidence in their product made them to take this risky step. Finally Pelli choopulu got unanimous hit talk from these early premiers.

Let’s have a look at how the celebrities reacted after watching the movie

#Adivi Sesh about #PelliChoopulu

adivi sesh

#Mahesh Kathi about #PelliChoopulu

mahesh kathi

#Indraganti Mohan Krishna about #PelliChoopulu

mohan krishna

#Ravi Varma about #PelliChoopulu
ravi varma

#Ravikanth Perepu (Kshanam) about #PelliChoopulu


#Sai Rajesh about #PelliChoopulu

sai rajesh

#Sidd about #PelliChoopulu


#Sudhakar Komakula About #PelliChoopulu


#Pavan Sadineni about #PelliChoopulu

pavan sadineni

Last but not least,

#CineBucket about #PelliChoopulu


Pelli Choopulu is releasing on July 29th. CineBucket wishes the team of Pelli Choopulu a grand success. Grab your tickets right now.

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