Chitrangada Movie Review And Rating

Chitrangada – Chitravadha

Chitrangada is the latest telugu movie with Anjali as the main lead. Sakshi Gulati, Jayaprakash, Raja Ravindra, Sapthagiri and sindhu tulani played other important roles. Directed by Ashok G and produced by Sridhar Gangapatnam , this movie released today (10th March 2017). Let’s see the review of Chitrangada.

Chitrangada Movie review

Chitrangada Movie Story:

Chitrangada is a story based on reincarnation which is inspired from many hollywood flicks. The story mainly revolves around Chitra (Anjali) who is a psychology professor doing her research in paranormal activities. Chitra starts behaving abnormally like a lesbo and starts seducing every possible girl in the hostel. A professor forcibly convinces that she is mad and she requires proper treatment. She usually gets a dream in which a lady is killing someone besides a lake. Knowing that the place is in United States, she starts her journey to chase the mystery of that murder.

What is the relation to her with the murder ?
Why she is desperate to chase the mystery ?
What happened in her last birth ?
forms the rest of the story.

Chitrangada Movie Review:

Chitrangada is a complete misfire of a decent concept of reincarnation. The screenplay is completely messed up. Keeping the main point aside, the director tried to create confusion and irritation by adding many unwanted scenes. The movie was publicized as a Horror movie and you can rarely find a horror scene in the movie. Even those so called forced horror scenes failed to create any fear. Comedy in the film failed big time. Sapthagiri tried his level best to entertain. Except some one liners in his unique slang, there is nothing great to mention about him. Anjali’s character is very tomboyish and she was the right choice for this role. But coming to her performance, there is no such scope or weight for her to perform. Sakshi Gulati is okay in her role. Sindhu Tulani did a decent job in her decent role. Sudigaali Sudheer and Sapthagiri characters were wasted. No other characters in the remaining cast made impact.

Chitrangada is technically not that good. Most of the shots were shot here and they tried to add VFX to make them look like they were shot in United States. Music by selvaganesh is disappointing. Neither the songs nor the BGM helped the movie.

Many logics were left behind. How can someone kill a person using a small wooden log with few shots on the head ? Why can’t he escape by swimming back or hiding in the lake ? and many more blunder mistakes in the movie.

Verdict: On a whole Chitrangada is a Chitrahimsa Kadha and a chitravadha to the viewers. There are no interesting points in the movie to recommend it to watch.

Chitrangada Movie Rating: 1.5/5