Exclusive Interview With Manasa Hima Varsha by Cinebucket

Manasa Hima Varsha is the name that film industry is currently discussing about. The young and beautiful actress who made her debut with star director Maruthi’s “Romance” is now awaiting the release of Nara Rohith’s “Appatlo Okkadunndevadu” in which she played a Naxalite. Manasa recently grabbed her debut award for Kannada film Mrugashira! Manasa is quite excited about the way her career is shaping up in South. From playing a regular glamorous role to a de-glam naxalite role, she gets candid about her career with Cinebucket.

Manasa PC Vikram Jammula

How did Appatlo Okkadundevadu happen?

It was my best buddy Pawan Sadhineni (director of Prema Ishq Kaadal & Savitri) who called me up on an winter morning to tell me about this role! I wasn’t much keen to accept it. The main reason in showing no interest in the role was that it not being a love interest to the lead. It was only after 2-3 long conversations with lyricist Krishna Chaitanya and Pawan, I finally went to meet the film’s director Sagar Chandra. In a few minutes after hearing the narration, I agreed to do the role. That’s how it happened!

What kind of role was that in Appatlo Okkadunedevadu?

Coming to my role, you will have all nods to my decision once you watch me on screen! I play AHALYA in the film and I urged each one on the set to call me by my character name but not Manasa. Such was the impact it had on me and I have it deep in my skin yet! I play a mettlesome naxalite chief commander fighting for a particular cause, which you have to know after watching the film. I have a special song in the film which was penned by popular lyricist Suddala Ashok Teja Garu.

Why did you choose to act in a role that has limited screen presence?

Of all the roles I would do in my career, major part sums up to what my fellow audience would want to see me as. But there will be few one life-time roles, be it small or big that I would do for my own satisfaction as an artist! One such would be playing AHALYA in Appatlo Okkadeundevadu with which I am taking a pitch! I am immensely happy to choose such role and I am happy with my decision now.

Tell us about your Love for Dance and the appreciations you received for your performance at CineMAA 2016 awards event.

Manasa At CineMAA

Dance has been my personification in simple words (laughs). People lately recognised me more for my dance and loved that too! My journey into films started with a dance reality show in Maa Network. And years later, going back to the same floor but with a different identity is something jubilant! It was after couple of years that I was seen back on screen and that really turned happy for people who follow me! I think I should keep doing this from time to time.

What made you act in Short Film ‘Joke’?

Firstly I congratulate Nandu for his directorial debut which he has lived up exceptionally well. It was Geetha Madhuri who called me about “Joke” and made sure I was into this by hook or by crook! Once again, I had my own speculations of what it would turn like, but never lost my utmost faith on Nandu. He has his vision right, which he carried out from the scripting to the execution. He has taken a lot of care in making “Joke.” Every appreciation he has been getting today is worth it all. Finally, all his efforts paid off!

How did people receive you in ‘Joke’.

Manasa In Joke

Nandu has shown me as a gorgeous young lad that I started loving myself so much! There have been so many messages from many eminent personalities praising my performance, and looks! I could count this as my till day best extract. I feel so good, and also like to tell on this regard that, “The artist always remain the same, but it’s the technicians who bring out the best in them.”

Manasa looks good in this and not the other is something correlated to what I said in the previous statement! I am treasuring “Joke” as my show reel indeed.
How happy are you for your debut award for the film ‘Mrugashira’?
Manasa Best Actress Award
Yes, I recently received the Best Debut actress award for my Kannada movie Mrugashira! That was one precious moment to be appreciated by Dasari Narayana Rao Garu and Allu Arvind Garu, at my very first step! It really means so much. Every morning I wake up to see it in my room and it reminds me that I am here in a place, where thousands still aspire to and I have my responsibility to keep it up to strive better each day!
Tell us about your journey with Commercials?

I occasionally sign commercials in Tamil and Kannada languages! I haven’t ventured completely into endorsing but yes I will take my baby steps into that too!

Tell us about the survival in the film industry as an actress.


I always stay up in my own fears and float up with a happy face. It’s quite confusing but that’s how I usually be! Ever since I came into films, I’ve always had my set of A-Z plan. If there is no work, the cycle never stops and it goes back to A. We need to posses a lot of perseverance and mental strength! Each has to fight their own battle to survive this huge battle ground and the minute you start accepting your decline is your real countdown! So, rather being dubious of the whole idea, I’m marching ahead with what little I have in kit. I only see that hard work and honesty never has put anyone down. As long as I am with those two qualities, I don’t think I will have much to fret of. Stick on to what you are good at and believe in yourself, it will take you places is what I believe.
What are your upcoming projects?
I have a movie that I am doting inks with Abhishek Pictures. Not much that I can talk about it right now but the details will come into picture soon. Also I have a signed a Kannada movie which will go on floors next month.