The Ghazi Attack Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Ghazi is a first of its kind Under Water War film in Indian Film industry under the sub-genre of Submarine. Kudos to the makers for making such a movie from Tollywood which is getting released in a good number of theatres in Hindi and Tamil dubbed versions. Let’s see how the movie turned out at the box office. Here is the Review of Ghazi Telugu Movie.

ghazi movie review

The film Ghazi is surrounded by an attractive plot about a real history incident filled with a lot of mysterious events. The story surrounds around the time of 1971 which involves destroying of Pakistan’s most powerful Submarine, PNS Ghazi. At that point, there was a rebellious moment between West Pakistan and East Pakistan (now separated as Bangladesh). The Pakistan Army wants to attain authority over Bay of Bengal area, and for that, they send PNS Ghazi to destroy the most powerful aircraft carrier INS Vikrant. What are the specific plans of Pakistan and how the Indian army counter attacks their plan and destroys the PNS Ghazi is the story of Ghazi The Attack? Voice over by Chiranjeevi in Telugu, Suriya in Tamil and Amitabh Bachchan in Hindi is an added advantage for the movie.

The Ghazi Attack witnessed some great performances in the names of Kay Kay Menon, Rana Daggubati, and Atul Kulkarni. Rana Daggubati got one more useful role to perform his best. Kay Kay Menon’s performance as a stubborn captain is worth praising. Atul Kulkarni did his best to fit in his role. Cameo roles by Tapsee Pannu and Om Puri had some good impact on the movie. The other actors like Satyadev, Kunal Koushik, Priyadarshi, Dr Bharath Reddy, Nasser and Ravi Varma acted well in their limited roles.

Debut director Sankalp Reddy moulded the movie as a perfect blend of Patriotism and emotions. He took the liberty of changing some of the incidents in favour of possible reality. The Pakistan government claimed that the PNS Ghazi was self-destroyed by their mistake. But Indian army is very much sure about destroying it with INS S21. The director managed this controversy well and depicted the story with enough number of proofs so that it look like what happened. Inner politics in the Government, sincerity, and love of the army towards their country is shown in an emotional way. The series of events and attacks are designed well with proper anxiety factor all over from start to end. The director could have worked more on what happened at the port when INS S21 missed the connection and other interesting things that happened when INS S21 was sent on a recce operation.

Most of the film will be seen in underwater. There is a lot of VFX work done for that. Except for few scenes, the VFX work is commendable. Cinematography by Madhie is top notch. Music and BGM by K alias Krishna Kumar are brilliant and helped most of the scenes in elevating to the max. Production values PVP are excellent. Dialogues by Gunnam Gangaraju made a good impact in the patriotic scenes.

You may have felt or heard about how the hell the things we study will be helpful in real life. These type of movies proves that the complex Maths, Science and Physics which we have learned will not be wasted if we apply them in the right area. This film may not work well commercially but will remain as a remarkable film from our industry. You can watch it once because Winning a Cricket match or a War against Pakistan is always a treat to watch.

The Ghazi Attack Rating: 3.25/