Gona Ganna Reddy Allu Arjun Lived in the character

Gona Ganna Reddy – Who is he ?

Gona Ganna Reddy is a historical character of kakatiya dynasty times during the rule of Ganapathi Deva and Rani Rudrama Devi who was mistook as a Robber. Later he helped Kakatiya dynasty and Rudhramadevi to get their dynasty back from the bad people.

gona ganna reddy
Allu Arjun in Rudhramadevi

Allu Arjun did the role of Gona Ganna Reddy and lived in the character. The dialogues of his character are in Telangana slang which he tried for the first time and getting great applause. He is the backbone of Rudramadevi movie and surely he dominated the title role Rudramadevi of Anushka

Gona Ganna Reddy Character in Rudramadevi

Allu Arjun has a big role in the Rudhramadevi movie. He is almost having a screen presence of 45 minutes and every scene of him is a major highlight for the film. Especially his entrance in which he comes on a horse to climb a tall tower, receiving a garland. Gona Ganna Reddy is treated as a robber but he distributes the money and valuables to the need and wins the heart of the people. Rudhramadevi and he have some misunderstandings but later he himself knows the truth and helps Rani Rudrama to conquer her place in the kingdom. After watching Rudhramadevi film you will definitely remember the character of Gona Ganna reddy more than that of Rani Rudramadevi. Allu arjun clearly dominated Anushka in many of the scenes as Gona Ganna Reddy.

gona ganna reddy dialouges
Rudhramadevi Dialouges

Gona Ganna Reddy Dialogues

Ee Gona Ganna Reddy Katthi doosukuntu Vacchedidi Nee kosame.


Na molthadu lo na taayatthu

Unte Vaikuntam Lekapothe Ookuntam

Padma vyuham lo irukkoniki nenu Abhimanyudini kadu … Vyuhakarthala amma mogudu Sri krishnudu asuvantodini.

Puli Paalu Pindetodiki Barre Paalu pindudu Pandhemendira

Na cheriyal ki aascharyapovude thappa nannu cherasaalalo vesetodu Puttalee

Nenu Telugu Baasha Lekka. Aada unta…Eeda unta.