Hairsh Shankar Open Challenge to Media About DJ Collections

Sensational director Harish Shankar has come up with some interesting tweets today. There are actually several reports in the media which are gossiping that the collections of Duvvada Jagannadham are fake. The director was hurt and upset with those allegations and after discussing with the team clearly, he came up with the announcement of the official figures of the film.
harish shankar about dj collections
Harish did not stop there but also added that he would quit the film industry if someone proves him and his collections as wrong and in return, he asked the website spreading rumours to shut its operations closed completely.
“If anyone proves this wrong. I will stop making movies or else they should shut down their website. Proud to have two 20cr+ films in Nizam. GS & DJ thanks to all who made this possible. I can take the worst of criticism but not at the cost of my Cast and Crew hard work which insulted by fake and grudge articles. Sorry guys wanted to enjoy the success and never wanna tweet like this but tappaledhu “Yuddham Sharanam Gachami”” tweeted Harish Shankar.