Journey of #PelliChoopulu : Lyricist Shreshta Interview

The makers of “Pelli Choopulu” are very much happy for the response they are getting for their film. Pelli Choopulu released on 29th July. The film’s cast and crew were busy in interacting with media as part of the post-release promotions of the film. Today, Cinebucket had a conversation with the film’s lyricist Shreshta. She penned the beautiful melodies “Chinuku Thaake” and “Merise” in the audio album scored by Vivek Sagar. Check out her interview!

lyricist shreshta interview

Tell us about your Education Background?

My native is Mancherial. I did my B.Com., LL.B at Osmania University.

How did you develop interest in writing?

From my Tenth standard, I started writing small poems. I am a person who is very sensitive. I used to express my feelings through my writings about several things that happen around us. Later I penned a lot of Devotional songs. My grandfather Panchadhara Venkata Kishan garu, who was a school teacher recognised the skill in me and encouraged me a lot to write. Slowly, I developed my skill and tried writing songs for films. There is a huge impact of my grandfather on my career. He wanted to see my name on big screen and I am living his dream today! Without his encouragement and motivation, this was impossible.

Who gave you the first opportunity?

Director Sunil Kumar Reddy garu gave me the first opportunity. I wrote all the songs in his film Oka Romantic Crime Katha. They roped me in for one song and after getting impressed with my work, they asked me to write all the songs in the album.

What are the other films you worked for?

I worked for the films like Ko Ante Koti, Jabardasth, Courier Boy Kalyan and few others. I wrote songs in 8 films. Pelli Choopulu was my 9th film.

How did you get the opportunity to work for Pelli Choopulu?

For my own reasons, I took a gap from writing after Jabardasth. Ko Ante Koti director Anish garu who acted in Pelli Choopulu suggested me to director Tharun Bhascker garu and music director Vivek Sagar garu. Later, Vivek garu approached me and offered me the opportunity to work for the project.

Tell us about the discussions you had with Tharun Bhascker while writing the songs?

I wrote the songs after the film’s shoot was completed. The director gave me the tunes after showing the film. He asked me to write lyrics in sync with the visuals they have shot. It was quite challenging for me. But Tharun Bhascker is a person with clarity. He is very clear about what he wanted. He clearly explained me the song situation and made me know what he wanted. He made the process simpler.

Have you faced any difficulty while writing the lyrics?

It was a bit difficult to write lyrics after the completion of shoot. But I tried my best to express the feelings in sync with the visuals. Today, I am very happy with the response getting for my songs.¬†While watching the film for the first time, I was sure that it is going to become a hit. The same way, I predicted that Chinuku Thaake would be an instant chart buster as it has that romantic feel. Writing Chinuku Thaake was a bit easy for me but Merise Merise was difficult as I should express the feelings of both the lead actors and should also convey the feelings of the the guy’s father. I enjoyed writing for both the tunes and was happy with the feedback.

Tell us about the music director Vivek Sagar?

He is also very clear about what he wanted. He is a down-to-earth personality. Vivek garu gave me the freedom to pen down my own expressions. He gave me the time and never hurried me. One more thing is that he received the final copy of my work only after I get paid. Usually, such things wont happen in the industry. In this aspect, I must also thank my producers Raj garu and Yash garu.

Tell us about the encouragement from the film industry.

Survival in the film industry is honestly a difficult thing. Especially for females, it is more difficult. But there are people like Anish garu, Madhura Sridhar Reddy garu, Raj Kandukuri garu who are always there to encourage me. Madhura Sridhar garu has always supported me and kept on motivating me every time when I faced ups and downs in the career. Today, I am happy that I worked for Pelli Choopulu and the audio was released through his Madhura audio company.

Any Best Compliments For Your work in Pelli Choopulu?

From the beginning of my career, people like Vennelakanti garu and actor Bhanuchander garu constantly gave me feedback. For this particular film, actor Sudhakar Komakula garu’s compliments boosted me a lot. Soon after listening to the audio, he genuinely praised me and gave me the right confidence. Also, music director Vivek Sagar’s mom liked Chinuku Thake song and made me listen the song in her voice. That was one best moment I remember and I feel so blessed.

How are you enjoying the response?

Everyone in Pelli Choopulu team has worked with honesty by giving mutual respect to one another. It’s the most decent and highly ethical team I have ever met! One more thing is that I received Best Lyricist award for Ko Ante Koti from the hands of Dr. Ramanaidu garu. Today this film was distributed by Ramanaidu garu’s production house and I feel very happy to be a part of it. I am enjoying the response and feel great when people are complimenting me.

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