Keshava Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Keshava – Intelligent Routine Revenge Drama

Keshava is the latest Telugu movie starring Nikhil Siddharth and Ritu Varma. Sudheer Varma is the director of this film. This is the second movie in their combination after Swamy Ra Ra. Keshava got a great pre-release buzz with promising teaser and trailer. Produced by Abhishek Nama, Keshava released today i.e., 19 May 2017. Let’s have a look at the review of Keshava.

keshava review and rating

Keshava Story:

P Keshav Sharma (Nikhil) loses his parents in an accident in his childhood. He and his sister Monica survives in the accident. Keshav is having a rare problem called Dextrocardia (having a heart on the right side) and in addition to that, his heart is unable to handle pressure, anger, and anxiety. Keshav is a law student who uses to be very dull and rarely smiles. He starts murdering people from police department leaving no clue to them. To find the murderer the police team appoints a lady (Isha Koppikar). 

Why is Keshav targeting Police Department?  

What is his motto?

is there any link to the accident of their parents? 

How he took revenge? 

forms the rest of the story.

Analysis :

Keshava is a routine revenge drama with some intelligent screenplay. The way director Sudheer Varma revealed the revenge plot in parts is interesting. The idea of showing different film posters to cover the gap between past and present is brilliant. Till the first half, the movie goes well with a gripping screenplay and required comedy in between. Vennela Kishore and Priyadarshi brought some laughs in between the serious revenge drama where the protagonist hardly laughs. 

As per the teaser and trailer, it is clear that the heart on right side and controlling anger for survival is the main conflict point. But this so-called conflict is missing its prominence and it looks like they used it just to grab the attention of the audience and create some curiosity to drag them to theaters.

The second half is completely flat and turns routine as it goes. Some similarities with 1 Nenokkadine will be found in the screenplay. Run time of below 2 hours is an advantage to the film. Even the film looks routine and flat, there are no boring moments in the film. This what makes this film a One Time Watch.

Performances :

Nikhil as an extremely serious guy acted well. Priyadarshi and Vennela Kishore got some good roles and they are the main pillars of entertainment in this serious screenplay. Ritu Varma got a decent role and nothing great to perform. Other actors like Raja Ravindra, Madhu Nandan, Ajay, Rao Ramesh, Brahmaji did their best in the limited roles.

Technical Aspects:

Keshava is technically good. Cinematography by Divakar Mani is brilliant. Music and BGM by Sunny M.R  are good in parts. KalaBhairava Ashtakam and Ediste rarevaru are well composed. Production values by Abhishek Pictures are good.

Final Verdict: 

On a whole Keshava is a one time watch for the lead actor Nikhil and the intelligent screenplay of Sudheer Varma. You may feel better if you go with low or no expectations.

Keshava Movie Rating: 2.75/5