Life Again Movie – True Story of a Cancer Survivor

Life Again is the life of a cancer survivor named Hyma Reddy. She is attacked with 2 cancers at a time but her confidence and willing to fight back gave her victory over cancer. She is leading a good andd healthy lifee now. Professionally she is a yoga trainer working in Kuwait.

life again trailer launch

She is interested in film making and now coming as a director with Life Again movie, acting and directing her own story. Well known actress Gauthami (Wife of Kamal Hassan) acted in this film. Songs are composed by Jai Bolo Telangana Fame Karthik Kodakandla. Famous singer Bombay Jayasree sang a song in this film.

Trailer of Life Again is released by Kalvakuntla Kavitha , M.P of Telangana. Popular actress Shanoor Sana graced thee event. Words of Hyma’s daughter sulasya left everyone in tears. Talking about Life Again Kavitha Said ” I will give my complete support to the team of Life again in any way possible and try to give tax exemption for this cancer awareness film.”

Hyma Reddy said ” This is my life story and I’m happy to create awareness on cancer with this film. Gauthami is my inspiration to overcome the cancer. She supported and helped me to survive and gain a new life.”

Trailer of Life Again got great response and everyone is waiting to watch this emotional journey on screen. Another short film Damn it trailer is released and which is also directed by Hyma Reddy.

Here is the trailer of Life Again

Casting : Raj Kandukuri Hyma Reddy, Baby Sulasya, Raghunath Akasam
Music : Karthik Kodakandla
Lyrics : Kittu Vissapragada
Singer : Bombay Jaya Sree gaaru
Dop : Praveen Kandregula
Co DIrected by Eswar Reddy Gayam
Associate Director : Dileep Kumar Kandula
Poster Designer : Ganesh Psr
Directed by : HYMA REDDY Sukruthamyoga Yoga