Ninnu Kori Telugu Movie Review

Ninnu Kori Telugu Movie Review

As expected earlier, Ninnu kori is an official remake of Bollywood film of late 90’s, Hum dil de chuke sanam. The basic plot of the story is same. They made some changes with toppings of entertainment throughout. Let’s go through the review of Ninnu Kori movie.

ninnu kori telugu movie review

The story starts with Arun (Adi Pinnisetty) and Pallavi (Nivedha Thomas) living as a happily married couple. Knowing that Uma maheshwara Rao (Nani), her ex-boy friend is in a deep depression and getting addicted to alcohol she decides to meet him after a year. Here starts the flashback of their love. Uma is a statistics student in Vizag who is trying for his Ph.D. Pallavi meets him in a situation and soon they start loving each other. At the time when Pallavi decides to run away and marry, Uma denies and leaves Delhi to complete his Ph.D. Pallavi marries Arun thinking that her love may spoil his career.

Are Pallavi and Arun really happy with their married life? How Uma interfered into their life? What are the confusions they fall into? Finally, who won their love? Is the remaining story of Ninnu Kori.

Debut director Shiva Nirvana made a decent attempt with an old story line. He is very much successful in replicating the typical natural style of Nani and also the required entertainment quotient in parts. Telugu audience will not accept this type of stories that too when dealt in a slow pace. The director should have concentrated more on the emotional part rather than falling into the pit of satisfying the entertainment seeking audience. The point of Welcoming Life after Love is good. Love failures will surely connect to the story and that’s a good advantage. At the same time, it’s a dis advantage too. Other people who are in love and who never fell in love may not get well connected to the film. In addition to this limitation, B and C centers audience will start disliking the movie at the very beginning as they don’t want to see their heroine getting married to a person other than the hero. The movie should have ended at the point of Nani walking out of sight in the pre climax, as it will give a great feel of ending for these type of movies.

Coming to the performances, Nani did a decent job with a similar characterisation like his previous movies. We can say nothing new, but excelled in his natural way of acting and timing. Nivetha Thomas is very beautiful and bubbly. Adi pinnisetty as the second lead got a good role to perform and he did it very well. The other characters Murali Sharma and Prudhvi helped to carry some entertainment in parts. Ninnu Kori is technically brilliant. Cinematography by Karthik Gattamaneni is top notch. Music by Gopi Sunder is an asset to the film. Songs and BGM are too good.

On a whole Ninnu Kori is a decent attempt which will not completely satisfy any of the types of audience. But you can still give it a try to experience the life after love. Love failures who still love their love will surely love this story of love.

CineBucket Rating : 3/5