Oopiri Telugu Movie Review and Rating

OopiriA fresh breathe of Life

oopiri movie review


Oopiri Movie Story :

Vikramaditya (Akkineni Nagarjuna) who is a business tycoon gets paralysed due to an accident. He needs a care taker who can take care of him without any sympathy. Srinu (karthi) who is a conman in parole, hardly finds a job and ends up as the care taker for Vikramaditya.
What are the changes that happened in their lives ?

How their inclusion helped each other to solve their problems ?

How they achieved freedom ? and

How they get to know about the importance of life ?  forms the rest of the story

Oopiri Movie Review :

Oopiri is the remake of French movie The Intouchables. Only the basic plot and characterizations are adapted from the original film and blended with our style of emotions. So, Oopiri is not a complete Rip off from the original The Intouchables ,but made adequate changes to fit to our nativity. The original version is all about racism where as Oopiri is a movie which says much about freedom and importance of life.

Nagarjuna excelled his acting skills and screen presence. This is one kind of a role which can only be justified by veterans like Nagarjuna. Karthi did his natural style of acting and performed really well in emotional scenes. Tamanna just constrained to her role and had nothing great to do. Prakash Raj helped to create some laughs in the middle where as Ali just took the role of a supporting artist. Rest of the actors did their best limiting to their roles. Anushka, Adivi sesh and Shriya Sharan surprised with cameo roles.

First half of the movie is really good with some fine performances and adequate comedy. From the second half the pace of the movie gradually slowed down. The love track between Karthi and Tamanna should be a way better as it comprised of some forced love scenes and artificiality.

Oopiri is technically brilliant. Cinematography by P S vinod is top notch. Music by Gopi sunder helped the elevation of emotional scenes to the proper extent. Production values by PVP are good. Editing should have done better. There is heavy drag in the second half which spoiled the feel of the movie to some extent. VFX is not good. The scenes which show Nagarjuna as F1 racer is an example of  the poor VFX work. Anushka and Nagarjuna’s scene is a crucial one but unable to create the exact impact. They are shot separately using identical duplicates as suggestion. Unavailability of one of the actors may be the reason for this.

On a whole Oopiri is a fresh breath of life and a sigh of relief to tollywood movies. You can watch it with your family to experience the beauty of life blended with emotions.

What is Good ?

Lead actors performances


Emotional scenes

What is Bad ?

Drags in 2nd half

Improper love track

Predictable Narration

Oopiri Movie Rating : 3/5