Raja The Great Movie Review

Raja The Great released today in the theatres and before the release happened, there are a lot of expectations on the movie. The trailer has created a special interest in the movie and watching Ravi Teja on the big screen after a long time itself is a feast for the audiences. With the same reason, people waited for this day for the release of Raja the great and let us check out the review of the film here.
raja the great review
The film’s story is very simple. If we see it from the top, it appears like a story with a strong purpose. Raja (Ravi Teja), a visually impaired person sets himself on a mission to save Lucky (Mehreen) from Devraj and his gang. What? Why? and How? it happened forms the rest of the film’s story.
The story of the film looks predictable and routine. The way the director handled this subject should have been much better because the audiences constantly lost connection with the flow of the movie. The biggest plus point of the film is the performance from Ravi Teja. This actor never disappoints us and this movie is no exemption. As a blind guy, Raviteja did well and made no mistake. All he did is to make us believe that we are watching a person named Raja on the screen who is visually impaired. The film’s heroine also delivered a good performance and this is a different role for her when compared to her previous films. The other actors like Prakash Raj, Sampath Raj, Tanikella Bharani and few others have given their best for the film. The film’s antagonist is also good and did his best to look like a badass guy!
Keeping the performances aside, the film lacks a gripping narration. As the film progresses forward, there is not much of the story happening in the movie which really results in a lot of boredom for the audiences. Also, there is a lot of lag in the film which the makers should have been avoided. From the beginning to the ending, the film moves at a slow pace and it never picks up the excitement. As the story is very thin, there is no scope for big drama or there is no scope to add the suspense elements in the film. The second half of the film looks boring and the same is the case with the climax. The makers could have increased the pace and wrapped up the things quickly during the pre-climax and it would have been a better ending.
Raja the great is a typical commercial mass masala entertainer with the revenge backdrop. Ravi Teja is brilliant throughout the film and he tried his best to carry the film on his shoulders to the success Path. Rhe story and cliched narration are the major drawbacks that will result in a boring watching experience. Raja The Great does not have the real potential to win at the box office over the other films this season but Ravi Teja’s energetic performance can do wonders. A one-time watchable film for Ravi Teja’s performance.