Reasons To Watch Selfie Raja – Pre Release Analysis

Selfie Raja is the latest movie of Comedy King Allari Naresh. He is facing a tough time from the past few years. His market went down with series of flops and yet he is looking for a movie which can prove his stamina. We hope Selfie Raja will fulfill the wish of Allari Naresh. Selfie Raja is releasing on 15th July worldwide in good number of theaters.

Reasons to watch Selfie Raja
Reasons to watch Selfie Raja

Here we are listing the reasons to watch Selfie Raja :

#1. Allari Naresh

allari naresh selfie raja

Hero Allari Naresh will be the first reason and attraction for his movies. There are only few cases when director craze attracted the audiences to watch the movie more than the hero. His comedy timing is a gift. No other comedy hero can match his style. After seeing the trailer, everyone is confident that this movie will turn out to be an out and out comedy entertainer. The comedy punches in the trailer is an example of how Allari Naresh performed in the movie.

#2. Director Eshwar

director g eswar reddy

Director Eshwar will be the second reason why you can watch Selfie Raja. Previously he made a movie called Siddu From Sikakulam with Allari Naresh. The comedy in that movie is hilarious. Even Though the movie didn’t performed well at box office, the director got good name. So the combo of Allari Naresh and G Eshwar Reddy will not disappoint you.

#3. Sakshi Chaudhary

selfie raja heroine sakshi chaudhary

We all know Sakshi Chaudhary for her beautiful performances in Potugadu and Allari Naresh’s Potugadu. Selfie Raja is the second movie in the combination of Allari Naresh and Sakshi Chaudhary. The chemistry between them worked well in James Bond and we can expect the same in Selfie Raja. Sakshi Chaudhary is from Dehradun and the winner of Galdrags Megamodel contest conducted in 2011. Now she is getting Bollywood offers. Soon she will be seen in the Bollywood hit movie series Hera Pheri 3. So Sakshi Chaudary will be a reason for you to watch Selfie Raja.

#4. Sai Karthik (Music Director)

music director sai karthik

Music Director Sai Karithik is the latest sensation in Tollywood. Slowly he is turning out to be one of the top music directors of Telugu film industry. He gave many hit numbers for small movies and made them hits just with his music. He is one of the most busiest Music directors of Tollywood in 2016. He is having more than 12 projects in hand as of now. His music will definitely add value to the movie. We can expect a brilliant background score in Selfie Raja.

#5. 30 Years Industry Prudhvi

cheppanu brother comedian prudhvi

Comedian Prudhvi is known for his famous dialogue in Khadgam “30 Years Industry”. Now he is one of the star comedians in Tollywood. He almost got replaced in the roles written for Brahmanandam. (The reasons for this may be the remuneration and availability. Even people are vexed with the routine comedy of brahmi) Prudhvi is the best option right now for spoof scenes in movies. We can see him in the trailer saying the most popular dialogue in recent times “Cheppanu Brother”. We can expect some more comedy of this type in Selfie Raja.

So, What are you waiting for ? Grab your tickets for Selfie Raja in your nearest theaters. Let us know the feedback of yours in comments after watching the movie.