Selfie Raja Movie Review & Rating

Selfie Raja is the Telugu Movie Written and directed by Eshwar Reddy. Allari Naresh is the male lead, Sakhshi Chowdary and Kamna ranawat are the female leads. Sai Karthik gave music for this film. This Movie is produced by Chalasani Ramabrammam Chaudary under his banner AK entertainment and Gopi Arts. Here is the Selfie Raja Movie Review.

Thoughts Before Release!

Allari Naresh is going to impress us with a hilarious comedy entertainer. After a gap, Naresh has done something interesting and he is back to his own strength comedy! Though the trailer did not impress, we hoped for a good film in the end.

Selfie raja review
Selfie raja review

Selfie Raja Movie Review:

Selfie Raja, the title itself reveals some story about the film. Allari Naresh, who is a selfie freak gets into troubles because of the selfies he take. He, struggles hard to overcome the difficulties that these selfies land him in. This is what we predict from the film’s trailer. But what was shown in the film is completely different. The director has cooked some outdated story and presented it in a boring way that the film tests the patience to the core. Selfie Raja has a few fun moments and putting all of them together, the film is good for only fifteen minutes.

Selfie Raja is the story of Raja (Allari Naresh) who is a selfie freak. His two weaknesses are taking selfies and having no control over what he speaks. This lands him struggles everywhere. He works as a Manager for a Marriage bureau. One fine day, he comes across a girl Divya and finally enters the wedlock with her. On their first night, Divya comes to know that Raja is a womeniser and he has connection with some other girl and leaves him. Raja tries to convince Divya who in turn neglects him. Finally, Raja decides to commit suicide but fails. He makes a deal with a serial killer to kill him and approaches Kaki (Ravi Babu). Kaki handles the deal to Beems (Allari Naresh). The rest of the story is the confusion drama that was created with Beems attempting to murder Raja. At the same time, other gangs also chases Raja to kill him.

The story itself looks bit boring if we narrate it to some one. Nothing was exciting or interesting in the entire plot line. The actor in his interviews during the film promotions revealed that there are no spoofs in the film but in fact, we can find a half dozen of spoofs in the film. They are funny in parts but completely misses out the main point. The director has brought in a loosely written, half-witty and poorly baked script for directing. He neither engages the audiences through the film nor entertains with some comedy elements. There are a lot of comic actors in the film but none really entertained with a healthy comedy. Over dose of spoofs and unimpressive scenes and speed breaking songs makes us to feel sad for ourselves for sitting through out the film.

There will be no connection between one scene and the other one. Sometimes, you dont understand why the director had to bring particular actor on screen or particular sequence in the screenplay because it completely goes reverse with the flow and was useless. Allari Naresh must concentrate on the story selection. The way he has been selecting scripts will surely put him in a dead end in the coming days. He has the potential of making films having healthy comedy but he is missing the track these days. The film has nothing new or nothing really entertaining with so many good actors on the screen. The performances of the film are just okay. Allari Naresh tried his best in the dual roles but he has no scope to make wonders with his performance. The female leads are only for songs and a couple of scenes. Krishna Bhagavan, Prudhvi are the only saviours. Except for the Pelli Choopulu scene and the climax episodes, the film is not worth of your ticket price.

The cinematography of the film is good. The songs were picturized nicely but they appear as the speed breakers. The editing is bad. The film could have been chopped off easily by fifteen minutes. The music by Sai Karthik is unimpressive. The background score of the film also fails to leave an impression. None of the songs throws an interest to watch! On a whole, Selfie Raja is one such film consisting so many talented actors including the Sudden Star Allari Naresh. Instead of providing the entertainment feast, they arrived together to provide the torture fest!

Selfie Raja Movie Pros:

  • Few Good Scenes in Parts

Selfie Raja Movie Cons:

  • Except the above mentioned Positives

Final Verdict:

Selfie Raja Turns The RAJA of Torture

Selfie Raja Movie Rating: 1/5