Vasham Telugu Movie Review

Vasham Telugu Movie Review 

Vasham is the latest telugu movie directed by debutant Challa Srikanth. It’s the first ever crowd funded Science thriller made in India. With no star casting and limited budget Vasham team finally managed to get it to the theaters. Vasham released today i.e on 4th August 2017. Let’s have a look into the review of Vasham.

vasham telugu movie review

Vasham Story:

Vasham is a science fiction movie written and directed by Srikanth challa. The film Vasham has a unique story. Vasham, the title of this film itself says about the film. The word Vasham refers to hypnotism. Does hypnotism really work? How can one control the mind of another person? What are the consequences we face when a person really has the power to control others mind is the base of this film? The young director did a lot of research for this film to make this film look natural and interesting. This film teaches many new facts to the audience. 

Vasham Review:

Lead stars Nanda Kishore, Vasudev Rao, and Swetaa Varma did extraordinary roles in this film. There no many stars in this film, since it is a science fiction drama film, the story runs between lead stars only, supporting stars has less scenes in this film and they acted as per their roles. We can say supporting stars did not have much importance in the film.
Vasham film shows how a powerful person misuses his knowledge and skill. Vibhuti Naag (Krishneshwar Rao) is a person with excellent memory power. Hence Chief Minister and MInisters become his followers. Vibhuti Naag is a culprit here. He uses young, courageous people for his experiments. In such experiments, a police officer and software engineer will die. Vibhuti Naag tricks people with his puzzles. One lead star Arvind (Vasurao) is very fast in making puzzles.
Unfortunately, Arvind’s brother  Raj (Akshay) is trapped in Vibhuti Naag. With the help of his girl friend (Swetaa Varma) Arvind came to know that his brother is in danger. How Aravind saves his brother, how exploits the tricks of Vibhuti Naag is the film. There are many thrilling scenes in this film. The movie maintains the interest and surprise till the end. 
Director Srikanth Challa did an extraordinary background work to make this film. His story selection and narration are quite good. The way how lead stars shown in the film are impressive. If you love watching the fun, romantic drama films then you won’t enjoy this film. If you are a person who loves watching thriller films, then this film is for you. 

Technical Aspects:

The entire technical team worked hard. The Camera work, Songs, and other technical works are neat and good.


These genre films come very less in theatres. In simple, this crowd funded film worth watching. Do not miss this good film and add it to your list.