Venkatesh Guru Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Guru Movie Review and Rating: Guru is the latest Telugu movie starring Venkatesh Daggubati, Ritika Singh and Nasser as the lead actors. It’s a remake of 2016 Tamil film Irudhi Suttru which was parallelly made in Hindi as Saala Khadoos starring Madhavan as the main lead. Sudha Kongara Who directed the original, directed the Telugu version. Let’s have a look at the review of Guru Movie.

guru venkatesh movie review

Guru Movie Review :

Aditya (Venkatesh) was a boxing champion who lost his career because of the politics in the board, especially because of a rift with the head of Association Dev Khatri. After 10 years he is back as women’s boxing coach in Hissar. The human in him died long ago, but not the interest on his favorite sport. He is very rude and arrogant even with the girls. Taking that as advantage Dev Khatri transfers him to Vizag with false claims of sexual assault. Aditya reaches Vizag where he meets junior coach Ponds (Nasser). Disappointed with the girls, their capabilities and the funds from the Association he himself starts finding a girl who can fulfill his dream of winning a medal to India. Then he sees Rameswari aka Ramudu who is the sister of Lux, one of the girls in his team. She lives in a slum and works as daily labor. Aditya identifies the fire and natural boxing skills in her and starts training her.
How Aditya Trained Ramudu, who is as arrogant as him? 
What are the difficulties faced by them? 
What are the sacrifices, Aditya had to do? 
Did she win a medal for India?   
forms the rest of the story.

Guru Movie Analysis : 

Guru is a well-made film which shows the power of woman and the greatness of a teacher. When compared to the original, the roughness in the character of male lead is somewhat less. There are various reasons like getting U certificate and also taking into consideration, the female fan following of Venkatesh. Most of the characters, I can say 80% of the characters in the original version and Telugu version are same. Right from the female lead, Nasser, boxing association head, Mumtaz sorcar and every other important character retained their places. 

The notable changes made in the Telugu version are references of Pawan Kalyan, decreasing the harshness of the hero to some extent, making him attracted to another woman. Rest of the film is completely the same. Some of the shots were copy-pasted from the original to reduce the production costs.

Guru is a movie which is inspirational. A good message is given that woman can achieve anything they want and they are not less than any man. At the same time, the dark side of sports politics is shown. When compared to the original, both are equal. Madhavan and Venkatesh both of them did exceptionally well in their respective versions. Dialogues written by Harsha Vardhan are excellent. Dialogues like “Na Deshaniki Medal vastundi ante nee Kaallu enti, Desham lo unna 120 kotla mandi kaallu naakadaniki ayina ready” are very emotional and worth clapping.

Performances :

Venkatesh as a failure boxing coach showed his semi-masculine body. He performed very well in the tough and hard guy character. At the same time, he showcased his emotions perfectly. Rithika Singh is extremely brilliant. Her energy is mind blowing. The only complaint about her is the dubbing. The makers should have tried some other dubbing artist or some changes in the slang. Rest of the characters like Nasser, Zakir Hussain performed very well.

Technical Aspects:

Guru is technically good. Y NOT studios took good care of the budget. Music by Santosh Narayan is not up to the mark. Cinematography by K A Sakthivel is decent. Editing is crispy and the run time is less. Rest of the crew did their best.

Final Verdict: 

On a whole Guru is a movie which can inspire you and can bring some changes in the mindset of people who treats the woman as an underrated category. It’s worth a watch for the ones who haven’t watched the original. Rest of them can skip it.

Guru Movie Rating: 3.25/5