Vunnadi Okate Zindagi Movie Review

Vunnadhi Okate Zindagi is the new film starring Ram Pothineni, Anupama Parameswaran and Lavanya Tripathi in the lead roles.The film is written and directed by Kishore Tirumala who earlier joined hands with Ram for the film Nenu Sailaja. The film VOZ marks the second time collaboration with the actor and director at the box office with an expectation of repeating the success of the earlier movie. The makers promoted the movie as a tale of Love, Life and Friendship and the movie actually discusses the same. In particular, it speaks a lot about Friendship and being Friends.
vunnadhi okate zindagi review
The film is the story of Abhi (Ram) and his childhood friend Vaasu (Sree Vishnu). Irrespective of their financial situations and class differences, they become thick friends in life. After growing up and reaching to a stage where they have to get married, both falls in love with the same girl Maha (Anupama Parameswaran). The actual story begins this. What happens when two friends have feelings for the same girl? So far, in our films, we have seen the sacrifice coming into action between the friends. Either of the friends will hide the fact that he loves the girl and silently becomes a spectator for their wedding. If it is going to be a happy ending, the other friend realises the same and prepares himself to sacrifice the girl for the friend during the climax. In some cases, either of the friends just forgets the girl and moves on.
This particular situation was dealt beautifully in the film. Both the friends come forward to express their love to the girl in front of each other’s presence and leaves the decision to the choice of the girl. One of the friends (Sree Vishnu) happens to be a relative to the girl too! This particular scene in the film has come out well. The Love Proposal scene, the breakup scene between Anupama and Ram in the pre-climax and the bromance scenes between Ram, Sree Vishnu were shot well. The dialogues in all these scenes are just perfect. The film is all about matured conversations. Be it with friends or be it a guy & girl conversation, there is a lot of maturity in it. There is no over-the-board talking in the film and all we can witness and enjoy is the natural conversations.
Being a friend is the most important thing for Abhi and he grabs every opportunity that comes to him to prove his friendship with Vaasu. That’s how they lead their relationship. The director made no mistake in portraying their relationship in an emotional manner. The emotional drama was cooked well in the movie. The major drawback of the movie is the start and the first half an hour of the film that runs at a slow pace.
Technically, there are not many complaints with the movie. The presence of the experienced technician always helps for any film and in the same way, the presence of camera person Sameer Reddy, editor Sreekar Prasad, art director AS Prakash and the music composer Devi Sri Prasad helped the movie in a big way. The comedy of Kireeti and Priyadarshi worked well and almost every actor delivered a good performance. Ram, Sree Vishnu and Anupama are perfect in their roles. Anupama is a great performer and she just proved it again with her role in the film. Lavanya Tripathi also shined in a sweet role in the film.
Vunnadi Okkate Zindagi is undoubtedly a good film which sticks to its subject. It is all about friendship, love and the matured conversations that take place in the process. Impressive performances from the lead actors, quality work from the technicians, perfect background score and amazing conversations made this movie a feel-good one. On a whole #VunnadhiOkateZindagi is a slow but a Fun Filled Emotional ride of Friendship. Worth a WATCH with your Friends BATCH. You can definitely relate and MATCH it with your real life. CATCH this PATCH up story of friends in your nearest theaters.