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Raju Gari Gadhi 2 Telugu Movie Review – Nagarjuna, Samantha



Movie Name: Raju Gari Gadhi -2
Based on Pretham (Malayalam Movie)
Genre: Horror-Comedy

Raju Gari Gadhi-2 is the latest Telugu Horror-comedy film in the theatres. The film is the sequel to Telugu film Raju Gari Gadhi which released in 2015 and it is also a remake of Malayalam movie Pretham which released in 2016. Check out our opinion on the movie in the following review.

Raju gari gadhi 2

Raju Gari Gadhi-2 is a story of three best friends (Ashwin Babu, Vennela Kishore and Praveen) who purchases a resort and runs it. Their aim is to expand their resort in multiple cities in the next 5 years. All of a sudden, they start witnessing some invisible energy existing in their resort and smells something wrong and suspects the presence of a ghost in Suhanisa (Seerat Kapoor), a guest in the resort. Rudra, a popular mentalist of the country (Nagarjuna Akkineni) comes to their rescue to chase the mystery behind the same. The entry of Rudra turns the film’s story and what happens, in the end, has to be seen in the theatres.

Actors & Their Performances:
Acting wise, Nagarjuna Akkineni and Samantha are the two pillars for the movie. Both of them have delivered natural performances and made everyone involved in the movie. Nagarjuna is looking stylish and his screen presence added a lot of goodness to the film. On the other side, Samantha looked beautiful and delivered a natural performance that will stay with us. Both carried the movie on their shoulders and contributed their best to take the film to the success path.

Rao Ramesh is also another actor in the film who did his part really very well. Ashwin Babu, Vennela Kishore, and Praveen are just okay in their roles but have nothing great to offer in the film. Most of their scenes in the first half brings boredom and few of the comic scenes involving them failed to impress. Senior Naresh and Shakalaka Shankar are okay in their roles and made their presence felt.

Seerat Kapoor who comes in the first half did try her best to impress the audience with her glamour. Abhinaya deserves appreciation for her presence and performance in the movie. On a whole, all the actors are good in their parts.

Raju Gari Gadhi 2 Movie Review:

Raju Gari Gadhi-2 is another Horror-Comedy with a regular story. There are not many twists or not many surprises in the storyline of the film but it is good to see the makers coming up with a good thought that will make the viewers feel emotional. A ghost, in search of the answers to certain questions, waits to take a revenge. In order to get the purpose served, the ghost attempts multiple plans. This is a formula for horror films and the same has been applied in the case of Raju Gari Gadhi 2 as well. Such storylines sometimes will be dealt improperly but Ohmkar took proper care in translating his thoughts into beautiful scenes.

Omkhar along with his writing department dealt the story nicely and sustained the audiences’ curiosity till the end. The film also proved a fact that a star hero’s presence for such small and simple stories will bring a huge reach and value. Nagarjuna Akkineni had trust in Ohmkar and team which resulted in a grand success today. Nagarjuna deserves all appreciations for having that confidence and he must be thanked for taking up a genuine and sensible subject.

Technicalities wise, the cinematography by Diwakaran is good. Except for the first song, all the others come in the background. Music wise, the songs are good. The background score by Thaman is awesome. Thaman did a wonderful job by elevating certain scenes to the maximum level that the audience can feel the impact of the scene. His selection for the film is certainly a value addition. The editing by Madhu is good. The first half appears to be a bit lengthy but the second half runs at a good pace and finally ends on a neat note.

The first half an hour of the first half appears slow. The makers could have cut down the scenes in the combination of Ashwin, Praveen and Vennela Kishore to increase the pace by introducing Rudra’s character early. The scenes in the combination of Ashwin, Kishore and Praveen appeared artificial and forced. Compared to the first half, the second half is very nice. The climax has also turned out well with a good sequence in the combination of Nagarjuna and Samantha. Every single scene involving Samantha and Nagarjuna leaves a positive impression. And the scenes involving the both is a treat to watch. Abburi Ravi’s dialogues for the climax added impact.

The scenes like Nagarjuna doing the investigation of a murder in the first half and the investigation of Amrutha’s suicide in the second half are shot well. The investigation process itself created an interest among the audiences and Nagarjuna being the face is an enjoyable thing. Hoping that, he comes up with more such good subjects in the future, the film Raju Gari Gadhi-2 has a lot of good things to tell. On a final note, Raju Gari Gadhi-2 is enjoyable and emotional. The film is surely a good choice to make for this weekend.

Cine Bucket’s Verdict: Recommended.

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Bharat Ane Nenu Telugu Movie Review



Bharat Ane Nenu Review

Bharath Ane Nenu is an engaging political thriller that is in the theatres of today. Superstar Mahesh Babu has played the role of a chief minister and has impressed everyone big time. Kiara Advani made her debut as a leading lady in the movie. The top-notch production values of DVV Danayya are tempting the audience to hit the theatres. Koratala Siva and Mahesh Babu combination already gave a blockbuster called Srimanthudu and this movie are hiking the expectations day by day. Devi Sri Prasad music is an additional asset for the movie. Amidst a lot of expectations and hopes, the film is finally in the theatres. Check out the review of the film here.


Bharath Ram ( Mahesh Babu) is made a chief minister for the state and how is he going to fulfill the promises he made to the public is the story of the movie.


Superstar Mahesh Babu delivered a superb performance in the movie, and all his fans will certainly feel great about the same. Though he has played multiple roles in his career so far, this is the finest one from Mahesh Babu. Kiara Advani as the female lead is also impressive. She made a triumphant and grand debut in Telugu film industry. Prakash Raj has played a complete performance in his career after a long time, and he once again proves that no one can replace him in the south film industry. Brahmaji is good and delivered original comedy in this film. Sharath Kumar played Mahesh Babu’s father in the film while Amani and Sithara were seen as mother and stepmother. The other actors like Ajay, Posani, Jeeva, Dev Raj have got limited roles but made their presence felt.


The cinematography by Ravi K Chandran and Thiru is top class. They have attempted their best to give the productive output for the movie. The editing by Srikar Prasad is clean and neat. The music by Devi Sri Prasad is a big background for the film and he elevated the movie with proper background score. The dialogues from the writing of the film is neat and decent.


Bharath Ane Nenu is a fresh and classy movie that keeps the audiences engaged from the beginning to the end. There are a lot of exciting sequences in the film like cm taking his charge, learning his capabilities, assembly sequences, Durga Mahal fight. The best thing about the film is that the director did not turn preechy but tried to convey his points. The social responsibility, accountability thread has been the best in the movie so far. The first half of the film has got everything that the audiences expect from the Mahesh Babu movie.

The second half has set the arch right incorporating some decent mass elements in the film. The director has succeeded in integrating all the commercial features properly in a decent story. Without dragging much, the makers tried to end the film correctly and it is a tangible thing. Though there are a lot of positive points in the movie, on the flip side, the scenes were elevated very highly, but they were ended slightly on a lower note in the end. Except for all this, Bharath Ane Nenu is undoubtedly going to be a big commercial hit which also has a proper and reliable message that include social responsibility.

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Mercury Telugu Movie Review – Silent Film



Merucry Movie Review

After almost 30 years, talented director Karthik Subbaraj is trying to recreate the magic of 1987’s speechless Indian classic film Pushpak, featuring Kamal Haasan and Amala, with Mercury. For the first time, choreographer, actor and director Prabhu Deva will be seen playing a negative role in it. The movie has released today, amidst huge expectations, let’s see whether it impressed the audience or not.

mercury movie review

Mercury Movie Story:

In 1992, due to a Mercury poisoning in Pondicherry, more than 84 people died and because of that chemical effect, many have turned into physically and mentally challenged people. Many children, who belong to that place turned into hearing impaired, blind and dumb. Five students (Sanath Reddy, Deepak Paramesh, Sashank, Anish, and Indhuja) who belong to the same batch meet after 20 years. When they are enjoying their get-together, unexpectedly, Prabhu Deva enters into their lives and started troubling them. The rest of the story is who is Prabhu Deva, why he enters into their lives and what is the connection between the duo?


Apart from Prabhu Deva, the director has selected all the new faces, which might disappoint the Telugu audience and it has a lot of Tamil essence. These characters might not well connected with the Telugu audience. They even failed to give expressions as hearing impaired people during the opening scenes. They failed to create a strong impact. In negative shade, Prabhu Deva lived in that character. He proved his mettle once again and gave his best. Though, he tried to be like the lead character from Don’t Breathe through his mannerisms but failed to do so. Overall, he has created a huge impact on audience with hie spectacular performance.

Technical department:

Santosh Narayan’s music, especially the BGM and Mithun’s sound designing are biggest assets to this film. They have taken Prabhu Deva’s character to whole next level with their talent. They established his character in an interesting way. Tiru’s cinematography is fantastic. Director Karthik gave his best and proved his mettle with this unique concept. The audience can see his brilliance in every frame. The way Karthik designed Prabhu Deva’s character and narration will make you fall in love with his directing skills. The twists in the pre-climax and climax scenes are heart touching and these two sequences are proof that he will rule the industry in future. He has taken a typical and difficult concept but presented it in an interesting way.


Unlike other commercial and regular films, Mercury has some interesting and different content. The audience will definitely get a new experience while watching this film and, if you are a fan of routine films, they try to avoid it. Prabhu Deva is the biggest advantage to this film and carried the whole story on his shoulders with his terrific performance.

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