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Manam Nayaki Endhuku Chudali? | CB Reasons



Prathi oka actor ki, valla career lo edho oka time lo thanani thanu prove cheskovalsina avasaram lekunda pothundi.. career lo oka point ki reach ayyaka thana sontham ga thanaku nachina cinemalu ante thana manasuku nachina cinemalu chese avakasham untundhi., correct ga ippudu Star Heroine Trisha alaanti situation lo ne undi. Ye mathram avakasham vadulukokunda undalani Nayaki ane oka Horror film chesindhi Trisha. First time, chala gap tarvatha cinema motham Trisha lead ga unna subject idhi. Current trend ni follow avuthu, Goverdhan reddy direction lo Trisha oka complete horror film lo lead role chesindhi. EE cinema Telugu and Tamil lo oke sari repu release kanunnadhi.

Reasons to watch nayaki

Telugu lo cinema peru Nayaki ithe, Tamil lo ee cinema ki Nayagi ane peru pettaru makers.

Trisha former Manager Giridhar second production venture Nayaki. Manchi cinemalaki backing isthu velthunna Raj Kandukuri kuda ee cinema ki associate ayi unnaru. Nayaki ni Raj Kandukuri present chesthunnaru. Repu release avanunna ee cinema pai oka chinna vishleshana gaa ee article rayadam jaruguthundhi. Asalu ee cinema manamendhuku chudali ane udhyeshaym tho alochisthe maku konni manchi points tattayi, vatine mee mundhuku ippudu present chesthunnamu.

“Prathi Vooriki Oka Rahasyam untundhi, Prathi Intiki oka Gatham untundhi.” idhi manaki cinema trailer lo mundhu ga vinipinche maatalu. Alochisthe nijame kadha anipisthundi.. positive ga ayina negative ga ayina aa lines konchem manchiga interest create chese la unnayi.,, dhaiki counter ga trailer lo Satyam Rajesh kuda inka nayam akkada dayyam undi andharni champesthundi anela oka dialogue kuda chepthadu, idhi anthaa pakkana pedithe, Trisha cinema ki major highlight ga cheppachu.. 50+ films chesi bakc to back different subjects tho audiences ni impress chesthu vasthunna Trisha ee cinema lo chaala young ga and inka chala andham ga kanipisthundi.. Arey mana intlo pilla la chala bagundhe ee ammayi anentha andham ga undi Trisha.

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Sare bagundhe anukuntunna time lo, adhe Trisha character ni inka kothaga, different ga curiosity ni fill chesthu confusion kuda create chesthu story ni mundhuku teeskelthunnattu anipisthundhi ee cinema lo.. chudabothe manchi suspense thriller elements ee cinemalo unnayi.. ye subject ayina and ye role ayina chala ease tho chese Trisha ni first time ilanti suspense unna role lo chudadam konchem kothaga unna chala interesting ga anipisthundi..

Inka cinema lo chala mandi talented actors unnaru. Trisha tho paatu Maya cinema lo chesina Sushma Raj and inka Damarukam lo chesina Ganesh Venkatraman, Kshanam lo impress chesi expectations penchesthunna Satyam Rajesh tho paatu Race Gurram tho break techukunna chaaracter artist Jayaprakash and comedy actors Manobala, Kovai Sarala, Brahmanandam characters kuda chala impressive ga unnayi.

Young short film makers Rajender Kalluri and Harish Nagaraj ee cinema ki dialogues raasaru.. veellu idharu already short films tho impress chesaru and Trisha cinema ki youngsters ni writing department lo pettukovadam interesting vushayam. Raghu kunche music already impress chesindhi,, Sai Karthik BGM ki manchi perundhi kabatti ee horror film ni thana bGM tho manchi stahayi ki tegaladu. Inka Cinematography dept handle chesina Jagadeesh Cheekati kuda trailer tho ne expectations penchesadu. Senior editor Gautham raju support tho ee cinema konchem negative buzz unna kani ekkuva positiveity dominate chese prayatnam undi.

Promotions vishayam lo makers chala fail ayyaru. asalu cinema release avuthundhi ani chala mandhiki telidu kuda.. kani facebook promotions tho konchem hype create chesthunna kani full fledged ga promote chesunte bagundedhi.. “No one is safe and the past always comes back.” Asalu aa voori rahasyam enti and aa intiki unna gathamenti ane vishayalu telusukovalante cinema pakka chudali!

Nayaki repu release avuthundi.. chusi mee review cheppandi!

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Happy Birthday Ram Gopal Varma



April 7th is a special day in the history of Indian cinema. We believe a god was born on that day! He has ruled the cinema industry once upon a time. He fought with several situations and took a birth of God in the name of Shiva. His name is Ram Gopal Varma.

It is Kali Kalam and there is absolutely no place for Gods. We happen to listen several stories of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Venkateshwara and many others. We have never seen them but do often listen their stories and celebrate their birthdays as well as victories. Coming to our God Ram Gopal Varma, it is a fact that he lost his charm. He lost his interest but still he did not lose his powers. He might be back any day at any time with any film to surprise everyone. We listen about his success stories of Shiva, Kshana Kshanam, Rangeela.. There are many more on the list. For any young and aspiring film maker, the movies of Ram Gopal Varma works as lessons. The way he understand the technology can never be matched with any other film maker. He is a different person. He is a mad person. He is mental person. Still you look at him with a pinch of curiosity and excitement.

Ram Gopal Varma is known for several things. If there are N number of adjectives to describe a person, all of them can be given to the master. Some people love him and some people hate him but the fact is that people can not take out their attention on him. He is the biggest entertainer on Twitter. Every time you get ready to watch his new film, you wish that RGV is back! But looks like Master is not ready to get out of his rest period. Currently, he shifted his base to Mumbai and has been operating from there. Hopes pinned on his upcoming film Officer

Thank you Ram Gopal Varma for being an inspiration. You will be remembered forever.

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How Sound Engineer Chitti Babu Can Speak ?



Rangasthalam is the title of the upcoming movie starring Ram Charan in the lead. The film stars Ram Charan in the role called Chitti Babu. Chitti Babu has hearing impairment issue and the same was revealed in the film’s teaser that released yesterday. Directed by Sukumar, the film is being made under Mythri Movie Makers production house. Samantha is playing the female lead in the film. Here is an interesting observation that we have drawn from the film’s teaser.
rangasthalam teaser
“Deafness is usually the result of the inner ear or nerve damage. It may be caused by a congenital defect, injury, disease, certain medication, exposure to loud noise or age-related wear and tear. The chief symptom is an inability to hear the sound.” is the standard definition of hearing impairment. According to this, It’s not easy and almost impossible for a deaf person to speak because they never hear anything or anyone speaking. Because, for them to talk, they should know how to speak and how a particular word has will sound.
Going by the teaser of Rangasthalam, we understood that Chitti Babu is deaf, but there might be three reasons for his hearing impairment.
1. Chitti Babu is born deaf.
2. Chiti Babu became deaf when he crossed three years of age.
3. Chitti Babu is partially deaf.
Sukumar tries something different every time, and we wish he did not pick the third reason.
Reason 1:
If he was born deaf, then there are ways that deaf people can talk. They can do it by using very advanced speech therapy techniques vigorously from their childhood. There is another way where a deaf person can learn speaking. It is by observing the lip reading and at the same time touching and feeling the sound coming from the throat. Both these are very complex and less successful.
Reason 2:
If he became deaf when he cross three years of age, it’s somewhat easy to learn and practise speaking because the person is already habituated to do that (hearing sounds or observing people talking). Even in this case, the person can’t match up to the speaking levels of an average person.
From the yesterday’s teaser, we can see that Chitti Babu is deaf, but he can speak very clearly and appropriately. So, he might have become deaf only after he learnt to speak correctly. (Like how Nayanathara has suffered hearing impairment in the film Naanum Rowdy Dhaan).
There is a scene in the teaser which proves that Chitti Babu is unable to understand the lip reading. (The Scene with comedian Sathya). This ruled out the option that Chitti Babu can understand lipreading. So, Chitti Babu must have got trained very very well in understanding the sounding and speaking the same. But, during 1980’s, a person from a poor family with village background might not have the exposure to learn such new things and he might also be not having huge money to invest on the same.
PS: Director Sukumar who is known to be the perfectionist in Telugu film industry might have surely cooked up a brilliant logic of how the ‘Sound Engineer’ Chitti Babu learned speaking and understanding the sounds. We are eagerly waiting to witness that brilliant logic, and there is no intention of projecting the film or teaser in a negative way and fact, the teaser had its influence on us to think about it in a new dimension.
The film Rangasthalam is scheduled for a grand release on March 30th.
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