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The Good The Bad and Everything about Kaushal Army



Young Tiger Jr NTR hosted the first season of Bigg Boss TV Show successfully and entertained one and all. When Nani was announced as the host for the second season, and when the housemates’ list was released, people were disappointed with the selection. The initial two to three weeks of the Bigg Boss TV Show in Telugu was a failure. Some people trolled the show, the host, the contestants for providing no or less entertainment. The comparisons were made with the first season, and no one was happy. But, one person has completely changed the way we look at the show, and he is Kaushal. If Kireeti Damaraju did not take the step of going against Kaushal on a task, the public would never be able to enjoy the TV show. From that single incident, everyone started following Kaushal keenly, and his ‘smart’ play resulted in having a unique fan base for him.

kaushal army

Kaushal emerged as a big star in the TV industry now. Even though he was a known face for some of us, it is the Bigg Boss show that gave a new life and identity now. Kaushal is everywhere on the social media. His fans are on a mission to save him from the nominations and take him to the grand finale. The fans community is named Kaushal Army. Some of us say that Kaushal Army is paid while the others say that the army is genuine and real.

If Kaushal Army is paid, it is no wrong. A contestant can do anything to win a show, and his team would plan all the strategies. The same applies to all the other housemates in the house. What that matters is the money to throw and the interest to win. Kaushal looks like having the above qualities and hence it is no wrong to pay his team to promote himself to the maximum extent. The team aims to create more and more votes, make others do the same, plan events, influence people. The team comprises only less number, but they are responsible for drawing maximum crowds to the fan club. Some over-enthusiastic and over-emotional people go to an extent by abusing others in the name of love which should not be encouraged.

If it is not paid, it is much better. It is really hard to admire or love someone in the current days. Kaushal is lucky to be loved by crores of people all over the world, and it feels great to learn the same sometimes. What made them love Kaushal is their individual choice, and we will not have a say on the same.

There is a lot of abuse happening in the name of fanism. A lot of people claiming to be the fans of Kaushal are abusing the fans of the other housemates. We are just trying to present the clear picture of what’s happening in the TV show in this article. All the housemates are watched continuously for 24 hours, and it is the choice of the show organizers to project the content. They will telecast the content that they think will draw the attention of a lot of viewers. They experiment with multiple housemates as per the people’s expectations and see for the results. That’s how Kaushal came into the picture. Because the people want to watch Kaushal more on the screen, the show organizers are giving maximum screentime for Kaushal. This might be a conscious decision or could be a decision that was taken on the go. But, the fact is that people want to watch more about Kaushal.

It is a TV reality show and is pure business. The channel wants a good TRP rating, and they will implement every strategy that can result in good TRP numbers. Don’t think that we are watching what exactly happening in the house but we are watching what exactly creates interest on the show and we are watching what they want us to watch. The magic is in the editing, and we are being influenced by the TV channel to think in a way that Kaushal is getting cornered, and he lacks support in the house. He gained the large following for the same reason. Kaushal is always single, and he fights alone. Even Kaushal has his game plan, and he is just getting the required push from the show organizers. This time it is Kaushal, and if not Kaushal, some other person would be there in the same position. TV Channel wants views, and they will showcase what the public wants.

Now, the question arises, “Why only Kaushal? And Why not any other contestant?
As per the reports on the social media and Kaushal’s official model agency page, he has been associated with Star MAA for quite some time by doing various things. We cannot rule out the option that there may be some mutual benefits for both of them.

Curious Case of Nutan Naidu
Nutan Naidu is one person who participated in the TV show for his mileage. By the time he got evicted from the house, Kaushal already started gaining following. Fortunately, he happens to be the only person who was good with Kaushal in the house, and he grabbed the advantage of influencing people who are following Kaushal. During the re-entry time, his campaigning and promotion are no less than a Parliament election. His speeches are unbeatable. He was prepared to draw maximum attention on the name of Kaushal, and he achieved the same. He made his re-entry in the house but unexpectedly he was given less screen space, he is seen spending less time with Kaushal and what all we expected was not telecasted because this time, the TV show organizers might have different plans. It is not correct on their part to get a name as a biased TV show. Hence, they implemented different strategies and made sure that Nutan was in control. If Nutan were concerned about Kaushal Army, he would still be making his presence in the media and social media after getting evicted. He should be promoting Kaushal more at this time because Geetha already nominated him for the entire season and the happenings in the house from few days are not in favor of Kaushal. But, Nutan is seen nowhere on the social media. The only reason is that Nutan made use of the emotions of Kaushal army for his benefits and his task was accomplished.

It is okay to love Kaushal or some other housemate, but it is essential to understand what’s going beyond. There are reports that the show organizers already have clarity on the winner. There were even reports that the show organizers are wantedly eliminated Shyamala and Nutan Naidu even Amit got fewer votes. The show organizers only knew the truth. There is a chance for manipulation because they wanted TRP and they have their plans to achieve their targets. Watch the show, get entertained, vote for someone if you like their performance, enjoy the trolls. But don’t be a part of an unorganized mob where the leader of the mob is using you as a coin for winning a game. If possible, be a King or King Maker but not a soldier.

PS: Kaushal has his drawbacks. He is uncertain, improper at times, irritating but there is something with him that many of us should learn from. For that matter, the attitude of every housemate is a lesson. Kaushal is never seen losing his temper unnecessarily. He is strong, honest and determined. The best part of his game is that he knows the technique of covering up his own mistakes, unlike the others who get caught red-handed. That’s called the smart play which is drawing attention towards him. Kaushal is better than the other housemates, but Kaushal is not the best!

Gear up for the grand finale of the TV show, and we are hoping that maximum people’s choice wins the title.

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Janda Ooncha Rahe Hamara | Happy Independence Day



జెండా ఊంఛా రహే హమారా !

ఆగష్టు 15 అంటే నాకు సమరయోధుల తో పాటు సరిహద్దు దగ్గర కావలి కాస్తున్న సైనికుడూ గుర్తొస్తాడు.

72ఏళ్ల క్రితం ఎన్నో త్యాగాల ఫలితంగా ఎంతో మంది యోధుల ఊపిరి పోసుకుని మన భారతదేశం బానిస సంకెళ్ళను తెంచుకుంది.ఆ విమోచన లోంచి లభించిన స్వేఛ్చని చెక్కు చెదరకుండా కాపాడుతూ వస్తున్న ప్రతి సైనికుడుకి ముందుగా నా సలాం.

72ఏళ్లకి ముందు మనదొక బానిస దేశం.ఇప్పుడు మనదొక సార్వభౌమ గణతంత్ర రాజ్యం.ఇవాళ్టి మన స్వేఛ్చకి ఒక చారిత్రక నేపథ్యం ఉంది.దాదాపు మూడు లక్షలమంది కి పైగా ప్రాణాలు అర్పించిన  సమర యోధుల చరిత్ర అది. బహుశా ఒక దేశం కోసం ఇన్ని ప్రాణాలను అర్పించిన ఘనత మరే దేశ పౌరులకీ ఉండదేమో!

అప్పటిదాకా భయం తో బతుకుతున్న ప్రజలకి ఒక యోధుడి చావు ధైర్యాన్నిచ్చింది.తన చావు ద్వారా బ్రతికున్నవారికి  ధైర్యాన్నిచ్చిన ఆ యోధుడు మంగల్ పాండే.1857 లో మంగల్ పాండే మొదలుపెట్టిన తిరుగుబాటు స్వాతంత్ర ఉద్యమానికి నాంది పలికింది.ఒక పక్కన వేల తలలు తెగిపడుతున్నా మంగల్ పాండే ఇచ్చిన స్ఫూర్తి ఎంతో మంది సమరయోధుల్ని తయారు చేసింది.

వారిలో …

నిప్పులు చిమ్ముతూ ముందడుగు వేసి, ఆజాద్ హిందుఫౌజ్ తో బ్రిటిష్ రాజ్యానికి ముచ్చెమటలు పట్టించిన నేతాజీ సుభాష్ చంద్రబోస్..

తెలుగు జాతి లో పౌరుషాన్ని రగిలించి తెల్లవారి దొరతనాన్ని ఎదిరించి , తుపాకీ గుళ్ళకి ఎదురు నిలిచి తల్లి భారతి కోసం అశువులు బాసిన అమర జీవి అల్లూరి సీతారామరాజు..

స్వాతంత్ర భారతావని  కోసం అలుపెరగక పోరాడి ఉరికంబం ఎక్కిన భగత్ సింగ్..

యువత లో హేతువాదాన్ని పెంచి  స్వాతంత్ర సమరానికి ఉత్తేజపరిచిన సుఖ్ దేవ్ తాపర్,

శివరామ్ రాజ్ గురు…ఇలాంటి ఎందరో  యోధులు అనేకమంది చరిత్రలో నిలిచారు.

ఎంతో మంది తెగించి,నిరంతరం శ్రమించి, ప్రాణాలు అర్పించి సంపాదించిన  స్వతంత్రాన్ని మనం 72ఏళ్ళుగా  కాపాడుకుంటూ వచ్చాం.

ఈ 72ఏళ్ల లో అతిపెద్ద ప్రజాస్వామ్య దేశంగా గుర్తింపు పొందిన  మన స్వతంత్ర భారతావని అనేక రంగాలలో ప్రపంచం గర్వించదగ్గ విధంగా ఎన్నో అత్యున్నత  శిఖరాలను అధిరోహించింది.

ప్రధానంగా చెప్పుకోవలసి వస్తే …

సుమారు 3  లక్షల కోట్ల రూపాయల నుంచి 167 లక్షల కోట్లదాకా పెరిగిన gdp

మొదటి ప్రయత్నం లోనే మార్స్ మీదకి అతి తక్కువ ఖర్చుతో  మంగళ్ యాన్ ని పంపిన ఘనత మనది.

ప్రపంచంలోనే ౩429 యుద్ధ విమానాలతో,55 జలాంతర్గామి లతో 5వ అతిపెద్ద సైనికదళం మనది.

ఇలా ఎన్నో ఎన్నెన్నో ఘన విజయాలను సాధించడానికి స్ఫూర్తి – మనం సాధించిన స్వతంత్రం, మనకు లభించిన స్వేఛ్చ.

స్వతంత్రం అంటే నినాదం కాదు,విధానం

స్వతంత్రం అంటే విప్లవం కాదు,బాధ్యత.

స్వతంత్రం అంటే అలసత్వం కాదు , అలుపెరుగని అప్రమత్తత

స్వతంత్రం అంటే విముక్తి కాదు,సమైక్యత.

ఈ స్వతంత్రం … ఈ స్వేఛ్చ  ఇచ్చిన  ఉత్తేజంతో నవ భారత నిర్మాణంలో పాలు పంచుకుందాం. బాధ్యతాయుతంగా వ్యవహరిస్తూ .. దేశ ప్రగతికోసం పునరంకితులమవుదామని ఎగురుతున్న జెండా సాక్షిగా మనః పూర్వకంగా ప్రమాణం చేద్దాం..

జైహింద్ !

-Sahrudai Punnamraju

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Idhi Naa Love Story Censored With U/A



Famous actor and the very talented hero Tarun is gearing up for the grand release of his upcoming movie Idhi Naa Love Story. The evergreen Lover Boy has romanced the Bigg Boss beauty Oviya Helen in the film. The first look posters and the theatrical trailer has impressed one and all where the chemistry between the lead actors has become the talk of the town. The makers are releasing the movie on 14th February on the occasion of Valentine’s day.

idi na love story

The latest update is that the makers have wrapped up the censor formalities. The censor board officials have granted a U/A certificate and have liked the movie. The censor board officials appreciated the movie unit for coming up with a relevant subject this Valentine season. The entire film unit is happy over the positive response from the censor board.

Sharing his happiness, Tarun said, “The movie is a feel-good entertainer, and I am happy to be a part of this. We are releasing the film on 14th February.” The director Ramesh Gopi said, “We are making the movie as per the interests of the Telugu audiences. The censor board members have liked the film a lot. The film has a clean love story that can be watched all classes of the audiences.” The producer SV Prakash revealed that the movie would stand as one of the best films released this year.

Ramesh Gopi is the director of the movie which was presented by Abhiram. The film was produced under Ram Entertainments banner by S V Prakash.

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