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You’ll Love OK BANGARAM for this 8 reasons!



You’ll Love OK BANGARAM for this 8 reasons!

#1. Impressive Casting


Mani Ratnam has chosen the right set of actors. Dulquer Salmaan as Aadi ghattamaneni and Nithya Menon as Tara impressed everyone. Prakash Raj as Ganapathi and Leela Samson as Bhavani suited the roles well. The entire film revolves around these four and the first step of success came in the form of right casting. No need to mention that both Dulquer and Nithya performed well.

#2. Prakash Raj & Leela Samson

Prakash raj and Leela Samson

There should be a special mention for these two actors. Leela Samson is ex CBFC chairman who resigned recently and she is a well-known personality in film fraternity and Prakash Raj is the name which doesn’t need any introduction. Both of them have supported the lead roles very well. The pair Ganapathi & Bhavani is like our grandmother and grandfather whom we see in our day-to-day lives. We connected to these characters very well.

#3. PC Sriram Cinematography

Ok Bangaram PC Sreeram Cinematography

PC Sriram and Mani Ratnam have teamed up again after a decade. PC Sriram visuals made every frame of the film look rich and WOW is the only expression!

#4. AR Rahman Music

ar-rahman ok bangaram

AR Rahman and Mani Ratnam combination will never disappoint you. All the films in their combination are musical hits and all the 9 songs in the album are refreshing and too good to listen. Each and every song will redefine LOVE.

#5. Sirivennela Lyrics

sirivennela sitarama sastry

Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry penned the lyrics for the film. The veteran lyricist accepted to write the lyrics for the songs on one condition. The condition is that he will write songs without translation. He wanted to make the listeners feel that they are listening to a direct Telugu album but not a translated version of the original songs. The legend Mani Ratnam accepted for that and the result is amazing. Thanks to his lyrics!

#6. Nani


Sincere thanks to the person who got the thought to use Nani’s voice for Dulquer Salmaan. If someone else would have dubbed for Dulquer, the result will not be the same like this. Nani dubbing suited perfectly to Dulquer and the dubbing flavour missed out completely. Hope to have Nani’s voice for all Dulquer films in future too.

#7. A Story Happening Next Door!


Living Together relationship between urban couple.

The concept was dealt very well. If it is some other person, then the climax would have been in the following way.

“Both Prakash Raj and Leela Samson would have taken a class for the lead pair and the lead pair would have realized the importance of marriage.”

But this is A film by Mani Ratnam. You cant expect all that. The way Mani Ratnam made Tara and Aadi realize the importance of marriage is clear & simple. Justification done for the tag that he is Master of Romance.

#8. Natural Emotions

ok kanmani

The entire film runs smoothly. There will be no artificial expressions, no artificial emotions, no routine and rotten comedy scenes, no vulgarity. The film connects to us and travels with us to our houses after watching the film. The simple things make us very happy when in love and there are many such moments in the film.

Though there might be many romantic entertainers, Ok bangaram will stand out from all others. This film is one good work to prove that Mani Ratnam is back and he did not lose potential of delivering the blockbusters at the box office.

He is the only director to carve three love stories for three generations.

1986 : Mouna Raagam

2000 : Sakhi

2015 : Ok Bangaram

Mani Ratnam

Though Mani Ratnam is aged 59, age is just a number for him and he is still 16! The romantic king of Indian Cinema.

Cinebucket wishes the entire team of OK Banagaram a success and we hope that Mani Ratnam make many more films like this in future.

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Happy Birthday Ram Gopal Varma



April 7th is a special day in the history of Indian cinema. We believe a god was born on that day! He has ruled the cinema industry once upon a time. He fought with several situations and took a birth of God in the name of Shiva. His name is Ram Gopal Varma.

It is Kali Kalam and there is absolutely no place for Gods. We happen to listen several stories of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Venkateshwara and many others. We have never seen them but do often listen their stories and celebrate their birthdays as well as victories. Coming to our God Ram Gopal Varma, it is a fact that he lost his charm. He lost his interest but still he did not lose his powers. He might be back any day at any time with any film to surprise everyone. We listen about his success stories of Shiva, Kshana Kshanam, Rangeela.. There are many more on the list. For any young and aspiring film maker, the movies of Ram Gopal Varma works as lessons. The way he understand the technology can never be matched with any other film maker. He is a different person. He is a mad person. He is mental person. Still you look at him with a pinch of curiosity and excitement.

Ram Gopal Varma is known for several things. If there are N number of adjectives to describe a person, all of them can be given to the master. Some people love him and some people hate him but the fact is that people can not take out their attention on him. He is the biggest entertainer on Twitter. Every time you get ready to watch his new film, you wish that RGV is back! But looks like Master is not ready to get out of his rest period. Currently, he shifted his base to Mumbai and has been operating from there. Hopes pinned on his upcoming film Officer

Thank you Ram Gopal Varma for being an inspiration. You will be remembered forever.

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How Sound Engineer Chitti Babu Can Speak ?



Rangasthalam is the title of the upcoming movie starring Ram Charan in the lead. The film stars Ram Charan in the role called Chitti Babu. Chitti Babu has hearing impairment issue and the same was revealed in the film’s teaser that released yesterday. Directed by Sukumar, the film is being made under Mythri Movie Makers production house. Samantha is playing the female lead in the film. Here is an interesting observation that we have drawn from the film’s teaser.
rangasthalam teaser
“Deafness is usually the result of the inner ear or nerve damage. It may be caused by a congenital defect, injury, disease, certain medication, exposure to loud noise or age-related wear and tear. The chief symptom is an inability to hear the sound.” is the standard definition of hearing impairment. According to this, It’s not easy and almost impossible for a deaf person to speak because they never hear anything or anyone speaking. Because, for them to talk, they should know how to speak and how a particular word has will sound.
Going by the teaser of Rangasthalam, we understood that Chitti Babu is deaf, but there might be three reasons for his hearing impairment.
1. Chitti Babu is born deaf.
2. Chiti Babu became deaf when he crossed three years of age.
3. Chitti Babu is partially deaf.
Sukumar tries something different every time, and we wish he did not pick the third reason.
Reason 1:
If he was born deaf, then there are ways that deaf people can talk. They can do it by using very advanced speech therapy techniques vigorously from their childhood. There is another way where a deaf person can learn speaking. It is by observing the lip reading and at the same time touching and feeling the sound coming from the throat. Both these are very complex and less successful.
Reason 2:
If he became deaf when he cross three years of age, it’s somewhat easy to learn and practise speaking because the person is already habituated to do that (hearing sounds or observing people talking). Even in this case, the person can’t match up to the speaking levels of an average person.
From the yesterday’s teaser, we can see that Chitti Babu is deaf, but he can speak very clearly and appropriately. So, he might have become deaf only after he learnt to speak correctly. (Like how Nayanathara has suffered hearing impairment in the film Naanum Rowdy Dhaan).
There is a scene in the teaser which proves that Chitti Babu is unable to understand the lip reading. (The Scene with comedian Sathya). This ruled out the option that Chitti Babu can understand lipreading. So, Chitti Babu must have got trained very very well in understanding the sounding and speaking the same. But, during 1980’s, a person from a poor family with village background might not have the exposure to learn such new things and he might also be not having huge money to invest on the same.
PS: Director Sukumar who is known to be the perfectionist in Telugu film industry might have surely cooked up a brilliant logic of how the ‘Sound Engineer’ Chitti Babu learned speaking and understanding the sounds. We are eagerly waiting to witness that brilliant logic, and there is no intention of projecting the film or teaser in a negative way and fact, the teaser had its influence on us to think about it in a new dimension.
The film Rangasthalam is scheduled for a grand release on March 30th.
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